Monday, August 7, 2017

Mixed things up last night by doing lunges with the SSB bar. Went up to 190 x 10 for each leg. Followed this up with good mornings up to 200 x 10. Legs, back, and butt especially are very sore today. Going into the session my left knee had some floating pain that got better the more I lunged.

This morning I woke up at 7:22 to train before work at 10:30. After a quick breakfast of beef soup, a slice of toast, half a Quest bar, OJ, and coffee, I jumped into my one-arm bench press program. Went a little heavier than last time, up to a 45, two 25s, and a 10.

While easier than the dumbbell I rep I'm keeping rest times very brisk for me, just a minute or two, and shit got challenging quick. Did a bunch of sets, maybe 5 or 6, of heavy weight super-set with dumbbell rows up to the 125 pounder x 10. Finished with lateral raises for both arms (10 in good arm, 5 in recovering one) and curls.

I also plate pressed 15 x 10 for two sets with the right arm. Can't wait to press the empty bar. After I master this weight I'm going to move to the 35 lb bar I have.