Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I'm going to shift my training to the morning whenever I can. I feel much better getting it done in this period than after work and finishing late at night. Yesterday I managed to get a 50 minute session done before work in the AM. I did a one-arm bench press using my car deadlift handle and the barbell loaded to one side.

The reason for bringing this exercise in was to give my healthy bicep tendon a break from all the brutal dumbbell hosting it's been supporting. I felt the strain before this deload and have read accounts of people ending up tearing their other bicep while in recovery from the first one. It made a big difference just being able to unrack a weight for once.

It'll be nice when I can lift 45s with two arms again when doing squats. As it stands, just subbing out dumbbell pressing sometimes is the first step and my bicep already feels much better.