Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Missed recording a couple of deload sessions. 315x5 squat followed by repping 275x3x8, and 225 bench followed by 100 lb dumbbell pressing for sets of 8, along with weighted pull-ups and curls.

Went to Muay Thai tonight at "Xtreme Martial Arts". Yep. I've learned not to take names seriously. They need to get bodies in the door.

Several weeks ago I took a class at AKA. This facility is obviously minuscule in comparison, but it's 10 minutes closer to home. I have a free week there as opposed to just a day at AKA.

We started the class with a fairly standard warm-up. Jogging around, bear-crawls, reverse and side bear-crawls. Once we started drilling knees my interest piqued. I got corrected on how vertical I throw them, rather than extending my hip and really throwing the knee OUT. Could feel much more of a hip stretch this way. We partnered up and practiced the clinch, then went on to clinching and throwing knees. My partner seemed really green so I didn't get the tips I've received in other places when we work in pairs. We both let each other know when our clasp was too low on the neck, which made it easy to move our heads.

This was entirely good-spirited but he was too aggressive for the coach's taste with how fast he was trying to go and the power he was kneeing me. Personally, I thought it was totally fine and not going too far. The only trepidation I had was the rubbing on my ears when we gloved up, but I sucked it up until the coach told him to watch the ears.

We donned the body armor next and took turns kneeing our partner. I noticed I wasn't out of breath while everyone else was (don't worry, this confidence wilted away later). From there, body punches.

After that we hit the bags. I started to tire out here and my bitch ankle was smarting from roundhousing, but I kept at it to what I would say was a respectable degree.

To end things, we just blitzed out on calisthenics. I could have done without this, not because I tired out like hell but because I wanted the time to be filled with more technical drilling. Bunch of push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, planks, butterflies, leg lifts, squat jumps, and horse stances.

I like the place and got good training. The two coaches there had excellent, outgoing attitudes. I'll be back for more within the week.