Sunday, June 4, 2017

Physical therapy on Thursday went well. Worked on getting a full extension (not there yet) and pushing the pain boundary with supination. She lotioned my arm up and massaged the arm to break up scar tissue before we tried ROM tests again. I gained more range just from the massage. She gave me some basic exercises to do throughout the day, like overhead extensions and simply lifting the arm up and down.

My shoulder mobility is horrible and I cannot fully rotate the shoulder externally so it doesn't go back very far. Working on that by doing the motion for a barbell overhead press with both arms as best I can. As it is I can't do a real overhead tricep extension, or even raise my arm above my head fully in the first place.

I'm concerned about a hard protrusion I can feel in the elbow crease. Have only noticed it recently. Hopefully it's just scar tissue. The therapist didn't have a definite answer for it. No pain, though.

SSB squats
Up to 350x5
Pushing things along. First time using two hands on the handles. Have to be really careful not to push them when going heavy.

Drop-set of 300, 240, 150, 60 x 10

Band leg curls


  1. Awesome you got physical therapy started up dude. It's so great to see things move forward.

  2. Thanks, it feels great to be making progress and actually have the arm DOING things.