Monday, April 10, 2017

Currently on the 6th day of recovery post-surgery. Using my phone's transcription mode to record this entry. Everything went well after the insurance hiccup. When I woke up I felt no pain due to the entirety of my arm being numb, which lasted about 18 hours afterwards.

Day 2 was a motherfucker, though. The meds did little to alleviate the pain, but by day three it was almost all gone. During this time I did very little but watch episodes of The Office on Netflix.

I feel like my arm is continuing to improve but I'm getting some new shoulder soreness on the injury side when I sleep. This only started about three days ago, oddly enough. It will wake me up every few hours and after getting up to use the restroom it'll be gone enough for me to go back to sleep before the cycle repeats. I've also noticed my good shoulder clicking a lot. I'm sure some funny stuff is happening from the weight of the sling being so constant. I have avoided training so far out of concern over accidentally flexing my arm but I'm going to start again today or tomorrow.

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