Friday, March 24, 2017

Well, it's almost been a week now since I tore my bicep tendon at my strongman show last Saturday. It's been a long 6 days of battling to be seen by a surgeon and dealing with beaurocratic shit accompanying that.

Spirits are strong. As I type this I'm doing my first workout since the injury. It is a rainy Friday night and I had some drinks at work with the plumbers before declining a strip club invitation to come home and lift. I'm making do with what I can in a sling. I've fooled around with different things seeing what my limits are. To my great pleasure I'm able to load 45 lb plates with both hands, if I'm careful. I've done 240 on the SSB (ridiculously enough my left knee started hurting a little) and repped a 50 lb dumbbell overhead for various sets. I just tried a 80 and couldn't get more than 2. I have to keep my right side relaxed and this no doubt messes with my force output, plus I've just gotten weaker overall. Done several sets of 100 lb dumbbell rows bent over very easily, as well.

It feels good to force myself to record this. This will be my springboard back up.

Real-time update: okay, just overhead pressed the 80 with my good arm for 5 reps this time after tensing up more. Last rep had a little leg drive.

Finishing up now just a little past 11 with 13 reps of the 50 and curling that same weight. It feels a little sad to be working out one side and leaving the other guy behind, but when my right is ready the stronger section will be ready to "guide" it back just from doing bilateral stuff so that's comforting to think about.


  1. Keep on kicking ass dude. You'll come back from this stronger in a lot of ways.

  2. Thanks man, the support makes a big difference.