Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Muay Thai tonight. Practiced kicking with the lead left which I am awful at and have almost never practiced on my own. As a result I kept landing wrong, particularly on the shield my partner was holding, and it made my foot hurt again. This is the reason why I'm not doing Muay Thai more than once a week right now; my feet need to heal after every session.

My push kicks, on the other hand, are pretty good. I can whip them out better than a lot of people in class that I noticed and I did well on the speed sessions that we did. I used to have a problem with my left hip clicking whenever I'd push kick on that side but it doesn't occur anymore. I noticed that the coach starts his kick out with a much straighter leg than I do and extending at the hip, so getting rid of the chamber is something I will work on. I will also be practicing left kicks in my spare time because that shit was just embarrassing.

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