Friday, March 3, 2017

Boxing tonight was pretty brutal. I should mention that this is specifically a sparring class, which explains the lack of bag or mitt work that I assume the regular boxing class on Mondays has. I really want to try to get to that but my work schedule conflicts.

Everyone I sparred tonight was going pretty hard and I gassed out by the 4th opponent, although my recovery time is quick and I bounced back within the 60 second break between rounds. Since I got way more tired than last time my form suffered and I received more advice as a result. Stupid stuff like not keeping my eyes up when bobbing and weaving, and my stance being too square in front of the opponent. I took a lot of hits and my nose was sore before long, but I landed my own share on everyone and kept throwing in a competitive fashion. I'm in good enough shape that I can force activity even when I THINK I'm dead tired.

After class ended one of my sparring partners, a tall Russian kid named Salva, asked if I wanted to go some extra rounds. This got interrupted when another opponent stopped me to get lifting advice as Salva was momentarily away. He was currently doing no resistance training and I gave him some of my ideas on how to work lifting into his schedule.

So Salva and I go at it and I feel like death at this point, but make sure not to let anyone know it. He's the only guy in class taller than my 6'0 and his reach is giving me problems, so I mentally regroup and focus on pressuring him by moving forward more. In my mind, I'm thinking Cain Velasquez. This works brilliantly and I'm tagging him more (while also getting tagged myself from fatigue). At one point, someone gives us pointers between rounds and says I'm doing what I need to do so he needs to use his reach and move laterally more. We go five rounds and by the end of it he was mostly defense.

My nose hurts and despite my mouth guard I bit my tongue on one occasion. I feel great.


  1. Sounds like an awesome class. Dealing with reach is tricky. Since I was always shorter than everyone else, I ended up using Peek-a-boo a lot. Pressure was a smart move on your part.

    You hoping to get fights out of this eventually?

  2. I was reading about that in your log recently. I'm surprised you never got advised against peek-a-boo. I used to try doing it at the boxing gym in Portland and got corrected. I feel the same would happen here.

    I want to fight eventually. Right now I'm being a princess and trying to have it all with lifting and martial arts. I have a strongman show this month so I'm only going here twice a week for now. After the competition I'll evaluate things.

    1. I imagine I was more given the clear for Peek-a-boo because I was so short for my weight class. It was about the only way I could hope to survive. EVERYONE had reach on me, hha.

      What contest you doing this month?

  3. Beast of the Bay on the 18th:

  4. That looks like an awesome show. Wish I was still in the area.