Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mat pulls (2)
Up to 500 x 1
Tweaked my back. Not too bad, but I knew from experience to cut it short here.

Front squats
185 x 2 x 10
225 x 10
Getting used to the clean version again. Was able to do it pretty well.

Walking lunges
50s x 16, 19
Kept it light for my back.

Weight wasn't very heavy today so I kept the rest times short. This quick workout pumped my quads up. I think it'll do me good to mix it up on this day instead of doing more squats.

Went to Muay Thai last night. It was the last free session for the week. We jumped right into bagwork and I got some 1-on-1 tutelage with my kicks. I need to step out rather than just forward and rotate the ball of my foot more than I'm currently doing.

To my surprise, we did sparring rounds. I had just bought a $70 pair of 12 oz Fairtech gloves because I figured I wouldn't spar for awhile, only to find out I need 16s for next time. I went so light it didn't matter, though. We switched partners in rapid succession after a couple of minutes. This tall Eastern-European guy was going too hard for the coach's liking and he told him to go easy because this was my second session here. It was totally fine to me, though. I was not used to going against someone with more reach than me. I kept falling short when trying to land.

I was pleased with my conditioning. Despite sweating bullets I was able to move and bounce around in each round feeling quite fresh, while most others (just two exceptions, the aforementioned guy and this really young teenager) looked and moved like they were extremely tired.

End-of-the-session burnout time came again, but this time it was mostly on the heavy bag, which I greatly preferred to doing calisthenics since I can do those at home if I want to.


  1. Cool to see you back fighting. You planning on signing up with this place?

  2. Yeah, I'll be signing up this week. It's an unfulfilled passion that never left me.