Monday, June 27, 2016

Hill sprints (3) in the evening with a jog afterwards and a flat sprint at the end. Wow, running on flat ground is amazing after being so used to inclines. I felt like I was flying with how wide my stride was. It's really fun when concrete feels like a trampoline.

I've replaced my clunky phone armband with a fitness belt that holds devices very inconspicuously. Fuck, I always forget whether conspicuous or inconspicuous means discrete and had to look it up. Anyway, my new phone is a giant monstrosity, as is the trend these days, so I didn't want to have it waving around with my arm when running.

Forgot to mention an epic cheat meal (yes, meal, not day - what have I become?!) on Saturday night. I went out to dinner with bossman from work and got drunk at a sushi restaurant with the waitress while essentially eating non-stop from 8:30PM-1:30 in the morning. It started innocently enough until the owner brought out a bottle of Jameson.
I seriously feel set for the week now, except for a company dinner Wednesday night.

I've never logged about what my alcohol protocol is on here, but I allow myself to go crazy one day a week as a general practice. It's usually less frequently than that but on rare occasions two non-consecutive days.

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  1. You know you're getting old when the cheat days become cheat meals. Head toward 30 kicking and screaming dude, haha.