Friday, December 11, 2015

My mile time tonight:

Jogged to the high school, spontaneously thought I'd give the mile a try on the track, and did a leisurely two laps before I checked my time: 6:47. My pace was wayyyy slower than I thought, so I upped the speed for the last two. If I try from the start I should have an 8 minute mile. Improving this will be a fun goal for cardio.

By the way, why did I egregiously post my phone's screenshot instead of simply writing the number? I dunno, pretty colors.
Mat pulls (3)
515 x 7
Two rest paused reps. Left hand was too far in and weight was disproportionately heavy on that side, especially on the 6th. Only adjusted on the final rep.

SSB squats
150 x 25, 20, 25

Neck crunches

Farmers' walk
200 lbs
About 4 pick-ups over a pretty short distance, nothing I killed myself over. Toughest part was the momentum from turning around getting me in completely the wrong direction.