Thursday, June 18, 2015

Crestfallen. Arranged to pick up a cornucopia of strongman equipment from a Craigslist seller. We're talking a yoke, farmers' handles, log, axle, Husafell stone, and 3 Atlas stones for $500. Agreed on a time and when I texted that day to confirm and ask for his address I got no response and saw he had edited his ad to remove all of that, with only some plates and barbells left for sale.

I just don't understand. I followed the ancient manuscript correctly. I accounted for the alignment of the planets as directed. I sacrificed the correct animals. By all signs I AM the chosen one as foretold by legend, yet for some reason I lost out on this sale and was IGNORED like some mere commoner! How could this happen????

Obviously this was not in the plan for me after all. It's clear I'm instead meant to spend the money to buy 500 lottery tickets and with newfound fortune get more and better equipment. That is the ONLY explanation. Once that's all procured my enemies will truly be crushed and blown into the wind at my next competition. And THEN I will FINALLY be popular with girls.

340 x 3
390 x 3
Knee pain again. Pushed through to get that third and it got worse. There wasn't any sudden, injurious pain, just a gradual crescendo of ache that felt dangerous to push any further. This is only on my right knee. Just to be clear, I do a pretty extensive warm-up and build-up to this weight, I just only record the 5/3/1 work-sets.

325 x 10
245 x 10   
155 x 12
50 lb kettlebell x 12