Friday, March 13, 2015

Went on a fasted walk, planned for a lazy rest of the day, then decided it'd be good to do my first two training sessions as soon as possible after time off.

Mat pulls (6)
495 x 10
So far my idea to reset back a week after a bad session is working. Leg drive was good and the movement pattern felt well-oiled. Used an Emevas-style rest pause to get the 10th rep, which I think is exactly what I need to train my weakness of back fatigue and my 1RM being disproportionate to my rep ability. For the first time ever I'm experiencing the feel of gutting out a slow rep. Increased my weight belt by a size. I either gained weight or I trained fuller than normal, not sure.

SSB squats
340 x 5, 5, 4
No real reason I didn't do 3x5, just that 3 sets was more than before and I felt like leaving room to go up next time.

Neck crunches

Gliding leg curls
15, 15
Lessening the eccentric is way more knee-friendly.

Crush gripper #2
Left:1,1,1  Right:0,0,1
Pretty excited about progressing with this.