Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bench press
237.5 x 5
270 x 5
312.5 x 4
Barely missed a fifth. Literally struggled for at least 6 seconds before lockout but not getting it. I think that fight under tension probably benefited me more than the extra inch locking it out would have, haha. In any case, have gotten stronger.

12, 15, 20
90 x 8, 8

Close-grip bench
250 x 9, 7
225 x 8, 8

Did this in about an hour. Left it at here because of work, and didn't get to do any additional bodybuilding stuff at night because I got called in early the next day. 


  1. Those grinder reps are some of the best reps. However, am I reading that right and you did 370 for 5 reps, because if so, holy shit.

  2. Whoops, those are supposed to be in the 200s, haha. I wish.

    1. Very Freudian. Your subconscious demands more, haha.