Friday, August 7, 2015

Training frequency was hurt from staying out too late one night and then getting called into work early another day as I was getting ready to train. Didn't seem to negatively impact me.

Strict press
155 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 4
Twice as many as last time. I have transformed from a weak bitch to just pretty weak.

Push press
225 x 2
4 rep attempts but two lockouts. The first 2 were due to balance and the weight being in front of me.

Incline bench
205 x 7, 8, 8

Weighted chin-ups
90 x 8, 8, 10, 10
No weight:
20, 15

Strict press (clean from floor at start)
155 x 8
135 x 8
Tweaked my elbow on the very last rep, doesn't hurt anymore though.

Am going to pick up some dumbbells after I get off work.


  1. Exciting development with the dumbbells. Craigslist? Good to see the recovery on pressing.

  2. Yup, a pair of 115s and 125s for $220. He also has a sandbag and a vehicle harness he's looking to sell, I'm working out the prices with him. It's good to have a dealer.