Monday, July 6, 2015

500 x 6 (PR)
Hah, this lift has totally trolled me. From 9 to 2 mats: 8 reps. Just keep this pattern up for one more week...time for 6! Very happy, still. Knee hurt at the end, especially when rest-pausing on it, but it was worth it. This isn't a wedding.

Messed around with car deadlift simulators after, including 4 plates for 20 air light reps and 5 plates for an easy 10. Wow, these barbell extensions I made from Home Depot make a huge difference. Before I struggled with 3 plates as I tried to keep my arms from ripping off behind me.

Band leg curls: 50

Running short on time and didn't get to use my farmers' handles, unfortunately.


  1. My wife got a kick out of the taco bell, haha. Once again, that was a sick deadlift, especially as a dead pause. The jump from 2 mats to the floor is a big one, and it tends to wreck me psychologically. The big thing I focus on is that, even if I lose some reps off the floor, I'm still setting various PRs along the way from various heights on the mats. These days, when I get to the floor, I consider it more of a test day than a training one.

    Those car deadlift handles look like they turn out well. I had to totally Rube Goldberg mine, since I didn't have the right parts at Home Depot. I went 2" to 1.5" to 3/4". They're cartoonish looking, haha. You might consider throwing some athletic tape on the threading to keep it from ripping up your hands/straps.

    Great training day.

  2. Completely agreed, I get just as much from setting PRs several mats up as deadlifting. And thanks, Taco Bell works in lieu of smelling salts, haha.

    I'll pick up some athletic tape, thanks. I read a tip on applying it for knee health. Not sure how wack that is but it can't hurt to try.