Monday, June 22, 2015

Think I figured out the source of my knee pain and it's pretty sad. From hearing how it's good for your back I used to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs and I traded that for a specialty cushion a couple months back. This thing is much taller and shorter than the length of a pillow so it supported my upper legs quite high and the rest of my gams would drop off, which caused pain (imagine bending your leg sideways, basically). I tossed it and started sleeping with nothing but I notice I still wake up with pain on whichever knee is on top of the other, so I guess I need to go back to a pillow. I tried this last night and noticed a significant difference waking up. The fact that the pain would be sharpest in the morning clued me in.

Since I've almost never had knee pain caused from heavy squatting I'm becoming convinced the way forward is to actually replace sleep with squats.

Ordered a couple of Ball Sacs, the Black Widow version of EliteFTS' grenade balls. They should be easier on my wrists for curls and skullcrushers, something I've been having problems with. Already have a band to use with one of them, gonna order a couple more monster minis to use them bilaterally.

Also just ordered a pair of farmers' handles. Price was too good.


  1. I've heard standing desks are great for all sorts of pain. Maybe you should sleep at a standing desk. I mean, cows sleep standing up, and they're HUGE.

    Grenade balls are awesome. If you get some chains, they work well with those too.

  2. Won't that cause anterior pelvic tilt though? Ideally we'd compute while suspended in jello molds.

    I've been looking around tractor supply stores and the like for some 5/8 chains but can't find any that size. Oh well, smaller shouldn't be a big deal especially with how cheap it is vs buying online.