Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last night

315 x 5
365 x 5
415 x 3
This was a weak week, but I think repeating it again after putting in the accessory work will yield better results.

325 x 10
Drop-set: 325, 225, 135, 50 lb kettlebell x 10

Gliding leg curls: 20

Ate 4 large Costco pizza slices, which is a lot for my squirrel stomach, and then took a nap before training. Was struggling not to puke afterwards.

Getting ready to go to Great America. I'm really looking forward to walking and sun after a week of work in front of a computer.


  1. 4 slices is huge, haha. I think that's actually a full pizza. I know when I bought 4 slices once (which I shared with myself and ANOTHER person you sick bastard) they told me it would've been cheaper to just buy a pizza. I think you showed a tremendous amount of fortitude by now puking from that.

    You need a new blogger profile pic dude. Maybe see if you can get one that captures the exact moment your shirt ripped from the stones while you rose up victorious and the Valkyries carried you to Valhalla. I'm pretty sure that's how it panned out. My memory of the event is slightly fuzzy.

  2. Haha, I think the cut slices from a whole pizza, which is what I had, are a little smaller than those really wide singles they sell. But I appreciate you being a friend and reassuring me of my ability to consume pizza. It was at least half a pizza.

    I just screencaptured that moment, that's a badass idea haha.