Sunday, April 19, 2015

 Hill sprints 3.5 times, then a jog after.

I've lost some weight. Down to 217 in the morning. I can also wear my belt over my shirt now (had gone down a notch several weeks ago, but had to wear it on bare waist to fit - I was in a weird spot where the notch up was too loose and the notch below was too tight).

Why am I still cutting when I have no weight class to make? I find I get a surge when I start eating a lot after a calorie deficit, and I'm already getting stronger even when getting lighter. Since I have a separate goal of body composition, it's a win all around.

I also plan on starting creatine this week and that always gives me an extra 5 lbs of water. I'm not really worried about it but it would sure suck to find out I'm over 230 from not being scrupulous after eating a large breakfast on the weigh-in day.


  1. I am envious of your problem of accidentally ending up at 230. Also, congrats on your bad day PR, looks like you're getting a mastery of the lift.

  2. I have repeatedly failed at cutting weight before by getting bigger and stronger, it's a good problem to have haha. Kind of shows where my heart really is.