Friday, March 27, 2015

Mat pulls (5)
495 x 9
Losing only one rep at my problem height is awesome. Really blowing through things here. Rest paused to get the 9th, just as I did to get the 10th on 6 mats.

SSB squats
340 x 2 x 5

Neck crunches
10 each way

Car deadlift simulator
175 lbs of plates each side x 2 x 10
Definitely more like a squat, particularly a hack squat. Would like to use more weight without the plates hitting my legs. Maybe pick up another pair of 35s.

SSB holds
510 x 20 secs
Best I can do to prepare for yoking. Gonna work up to 600 lbs and just get used to shouldering that much weight. Like Goku.


  1. I ran into the same issue with the car simulator deads. Smaller plates help, but I just saw from Kalle a recommendation to stand behind the plates rather than in front of them. He says this makes the lift way harder as well. I'm going to give it a try my next go round.

    The SSB hold isn't a bad idea. I think if you threw in a heavy weighted carry (like a keg or farmers or something) you could also get used to moving your feet quickly while carrying a heavy load. Another option is a chain yoke (get some chain, clip it to your barbell/SSB/axle, clip the other end to some weights, go walking with it). It won't be quite like a yoke because you can't hold onto the sides and there is a lot of sway, but another one of those "better than nothing" sort of things.

    Cool to see your training vectoring more toward strongman stuff. I think it has some great carryover to everything, haha.

  2. I thought about standing behind but didn't bother because I figured it'd cause the movement too feel too different from the actual implement and make it more like a deadlift with the weight in front. He knows better, though.

    The chain yoke is a rad idea. You're a goddamn master of DIY ideas. I almost want to fake problems just to see what solutions you come up with.

    1. I just get bored at work a lot and do a lot of research, haha. The strongman community is pretty good with DIY stuff.

      I had the exact same reservations you did about weight in front. I'm going to give it a try and see how it feels. If it is garbage, I'm just going to throw my sandbag onto the bars.