Thursday, December 18, 2014

I notice that Untamed Strength is having a free open gym session this Saturday. Would really benefit me to go and get some actual practice in if it wasn't far.

Mat pulls (5)
485 x 0, 0, 0
405 x 13
Psychologically could not pull the trigger. Gonna reset back to 9. Played around with my form, viewing deadlift tutorials by Emevas and powerlifting to win, and found a teaser of success with a very narrow stance and more precise foot alignment with the bar. Not enough to break mental barriers but that will come with refreshed brainpower another day keeping what I learned about technique in mind. I had tried narrow for a day last year and it didn't help/felt wrong, but today things seemed to click with achieving better leg drive.

SSB squats
330 x 3 x 5

Fooled around with some light high pulls and cleans between squat sets. Don't need to worry about wrist flexibility like normal-bar Olympic lifts, thankfully. Not gonna fret about going continental, either; 225 or even 250 if I don't make weight is comfortable weight for me.


  1. If you can spare the time, that Saturday is going to be a boon. Getting hands on the implements, even just 1 time before the comp, can make a huge difference in terms of strategy and approach. A lot of these things aren't all that heavy, but it's about finding the technique to be able to BE strong on them. But, that said, it's all for fun anyway haha.

  2. The time or distance doesn't bother me personally, I love traveling. It's the gas money I have to ration.