Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Went to Home Depot and picked up 18 patio pavers for deadlifts. Took a lot of trial-and-error finding the best spot for them. I could not find a part of the dirt in my yard that kept them totally flat and the barbell ended up rolling off each time. Finally I just lifted in the patio. My back has already been feeling bad from driving 200 miles in the past couple of days and continuously moving the equipment from area to area in the yard added to it all, and consequently I couldn't even break 485, then 405 off the mats with a plate underneath (making it a little below the knees, quite high). I'll try again another time.


  1. The excitement level I am feeling for you having so many patio tiles is bordering on inappropriate at this point, haha. Shame about the back, but you'll get a chance to really take advantage of things soon enough.

  2. Haha, it must feel good to have at least one guy turning to a big method you propagated. I've been having trouble with this lift for years now and am excited to try something new with it.

    1. I've had a few other folks run it, but many not to completion. The best part about nothing working for a lift is it means you get to try ANYTHING to get it to work. Having nothing to lose is a pretty awesome state of being all things considered. I'm excited to see how it works out for you, especially since you and I tend to have different deadlift/strength styles.