Monday, June 9, 2014

Gave overhead pressing a try today. Made it up to 160 before I called it quits because of my back. Ah well. Might do push-ups and goblet squats tonight, maybe even chin-ups off my punching-bag stand as well.

Discovered that my barbell is 81 inches, the women's standard, and therefore likely weighs 33 pounds. I measured because it felt a tad short to me. A longer bar would be helpful with the squat stand spacing. Tried to return it but they are out so I'll get a call in a couple of weeks. The young female manager who sold them to me in the first place was super nice but some older guy there was terse and rude. "They don't come in specific sizes" or something like that. He was contradicted when she looked up what they can order and confirmed that there was a 7.2-foot one. Wow, I guess it was just a coincidence that's exactly the size I asked about. What an idiot. I now know exactly who the Yelp reviewer was complaining about, haha.

I am using this one in the meantime, no biggie.

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