Sunday, June 8, 2014

First day training at home was a bust, but thankfully it has nothing convincingly to do with my equipment. I was doing squats just fine until my back started to hurt at 350. It's possible that I might be unracking too cautiously. The stands have to be placed pretty far apart because the base actually gets in the way of my stance. It's not a big deal, just have to take an extra step during the walk-out, but I was a little paranoid about tripping. I will try seeing if I can squat within the base without hitting anything, too, but no real concerns here except for needing to remind myself to sit less in daily life.

Real buzzkill today, but I'm stoked about how well the stands worked and actually being able to lift heavy in my backyard. I'll see if I'm good for overhead pressing tomorrow, and then do my squat day with deadlifts the day after.

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