Friday, May 16, 2014

Squats:320 x 3
365 x 3
410 x 3
> Everything is getting a little stronger. Felt strong, no rep was a grinder.

405 x 3
465 x 1, 2
> My left hand has been having problems when gripping underhand, first with chin-ups and now deadlifts. I strapped up and tried again, but didn't want to cut it too close with my back, which is still healing. I'm just going to count this as 3.

Squat drop-set:
320, 225, 135, 45 x 10
> Legs felt tired and I knew I couldn't do 3 sets of 10.

RDLs, no floor contact:
135 x 20

Leg curls:
150 x 15

Felt very "fresh" today, even when panting hard. Now at home I don't even feel like I trained.

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