Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm currently on day 3 (or 4, technically at this time) of dealing with a pilonidal cyst. No infection, thankfully, but the pain is extremely debilitating if I choose not to ignore it (which I would do if it was safe). Cannot sit whatsoever today (driving the 60 seconds to and from my gym involved me basically using leg power to keep my weight off the seat) and no position is comfortable except lying in the bathtub. Trying to curb it with Ibuprofen and heat.

Training has to be completely overhauled. Here's what I did tonight:

Overhead press:
195 x 5
> Had to focus on keeping most of my body completely relaxed and not tense. Shocking how hard this was.

Overhead rack press:
225 x 0, 1
235 x 0
225 x 1
> Just trying to get some decent weight loaded so my shoulders remember they exist. This is a good exercise because the rack does most of the stabilizing.

5 x 10

Swiss bar overhead press:
85 x 30, 25, 20

Swiss bar overhead tricep extensions:
35 x 15, 15, 20

25s x 25, 20, 15

Decent pump. Training will be like this until I'm better. I'm also going to do a full body routine 3 days a week instead of 5/3/1 since my movements are so limited. If I'm lucky enough to do legs, they will be SSB quarter squats. If that hurts, kettlebell goblets for moderate reps without straining.

Bravo on consistency so far.


  1. Thanks dude, well-wishes go a long way when you're immobile and stuck inside all day.