Sunday, January 26, 2014

312 x 5
362 x 5
407 x 9
• Legs felt shaky for some reason. Came close to failing.

SSB squat drop-set:
330x10 240x10 150x10 60x10

225 x 20
• Really felt it in the glutes by rep 15.

Session time: 70 minutes. Felt exhausted walking out of the gym but because of the wisely-brief workout I recovered pretty fast and feel energized now.

Watched a strongman documentary tonight and it really makes me want to compete, but there's nothing in Portland. I have my eye set on a powerlifting meet in April, though, with my pec health and money situation being good right now, and I've even dug up my decade-old Bullshido account for throwdowns.


  1. With strongman, you're lucky if you can find an event in your STATE. City is a pipedream really. I would keep my eyes peeled for WA and CA as well. I'll let you know if I see anything around those areas, but definitely get in some sort of competition. It's amazing how much it changes anything.

  2. Hah, speak of the Devil. Here is something in Redmond, about 2 hours away.

    One in Spokanne, about 4 hours

    And this one is coming up real soon in Kennewick, about 3 hours away

    You're actually doing better than I am, haha. As long as you don't mind waking up early on comp day, it shouldn't be too big of a comittment.

    Here is where I look

    And if you check the marunde muscle forum for contest announcements, sometimes you can see some non-NAS charity events.

  3. I replied to you a few hours after you posted these but my internet connection died as I hit publish and they got lost in cyberspace. Basically: thanks man! I guess I've been thinking too conveniently, making a trip out of this would be fun.

    1. Awesome man, hope it pans out. I'll be making a weekend out of my comp in 2 weeks, spending a night in a nice hotel after the fact and taking the Mrs out for some shopping. Great excuse to have some fun and eat some good food. Look forward to seeing some contest results in the future!