Monday, January 20, 2014

Overhead press:
172 x 5
197 x 5
227 x 3, 3
• Went in hungry and kept shaking as a result. Worse than a month ago.

Swiss bar overhead press:
135 x 5 x 10
• If I keep tension on my shoulders my pec tendon hurts, so be sure to shelve the bar on chest.

6 x 10
• Different form here that feels better on my pecs: pulling in an exaggerated arc toward my stomach rather than literally to the chin/neck./clavicle. ROM is shorter but that may be what I need. Eccentric is gone, as well; I'm dropping down and letting my feet stop me.

Spider curls:
50s x 15

Rear delts and external rotations

Session was under an hour and a half, which is great considering I retried my max set. That was the point of changing assistance work, but I hope the drastic deload won't hurt me, even if it's a harder variant.

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