Monday, May 20, 2013

I keep forgetting to...oh, forget it.

Swiss bar benched 270x6 with a terrible set-up from lying too high on the bench and having to arc super low and slow to avoid hitting the pins. No worries about this. Then, wanting to deviate from my regimen, I did a medley of presses and extensions, trying to find the best fit for my pec tendons. Close-grip Swiss bar was the worst, did 2 sets of 10 with 200 lbs before I'd had enough. Surprisingly, floor crushers didn't feel great up there, either. Something about the grind off the floor that made me feel it in the tendons. Normal-grip bench felt better, but I think I've concluded that I had it right originally with incline pressing.

Squatted 340x11, which I was stoked about. Unfortunately I got up from a lying position on one leg and it made my knee hurt a little. I SSB squatted 295x10 but decided not to do anymore, so I just did 50, 30 reps of Hindu squats instead (no lockout).

Today I went on a 35 minute run and walked the way home.

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