Monday, January 28, 2013

Entry #1150

I have no idea why I've suddenly stopped updating on the days I lift. Better to be unmotivated in this area than the actual training, I guess. I almost fucking killed myself on squats so I deserve the break.


Swiss bar overhead press:
152 x 3
172 x 3
195 x 6

Swiss bar pause OH + Fat Gripz:
125 x 5 x 10

V-handle chin-ups:
13, 12, 12, 12, 12



ROM progression squat (11th pin):
460 x 0
> Couldn't even budge the weight.

SSB box squat:
420 x 0
> Failed. Sat on the platform like a dope for a second, then bailed out. The safety bars were pretty low so I had a long way to bend before freedom. It was jarring and my back was sore a bit, but nothing injured. Holy shit, would I have been dead without the safety bars with the way I exited myself. I basically just gradually careened forward while sitting on the box. Pretty stupid.

Box pause squat:
225 x 10

Farmer's walk:
100 lb dumbbells + Fat Gripz

I really had no leg power today. I didn't even fail the box squat by merit of struggle, I just rode the descent down and stuck to the stool.


Kettlebell swings:
25 lbs x 50, 30

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