Monday, December 17, 2012

Entry #1135

The unbelievably cool people at Fat Gripz are sending me a free replacement pair with mesh bag. Not going to be a dolt and lose these.

Been up all night. Couldn't sleep in anticipation of an important early morning appointment (Green Card stuff). Dead tired right now, but have been eating well. For breakfast, green tea to keep testosterone levels up, a coconut milk-kale-ginger-garlic-pineapple smoothie for energy, and beef stew for protein. Chowing on chicken meatballs now and then hoping to nap before the 3:00 immunization part.

Gave my brother some workout advice and steered him away from the usual muscle-split crap toward 5/3/1. It felt really good to connect with family in California.

Yesterday was a deload on squats and deadlifts.

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