Saturday, December 1, 2012

Entry #1129

SSB box squat:
420 x 2, 2, 1
> Still no progress on my squat. Going to go back to doing the assistance work that seemed to help before. Split-squats are too damaging to my injured quad.

Squat hold:
580 x 20 seconds

SSB box squat:
310 x 8

Partial leg press with no lockout:
4 plates x 15, 15

Calf raises

Reverse squats and planks

If I see no improvement then I'm going to a ROM progression scheme.


  1. Got my vote for ROM progression. If you can, suspend the bar in the rack rather than progression with box squats, but they both work.

  2. Yeah, I was planning on just using the safety bars like Pavel recommends. I'm glad that sounds good to you.

  3. I was thinking more like chains. I've had bad luck using pins for ROM progression, although it wouldn't be bad for concentric only.

  4. I remember your back problems from doing that. I'm thinking if I just use the bars as an indicator without actually deloading the weight I'll be okay, but I'll try to get chains so I don't have to have too much eccentric training from going slow.