Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Entry #1127

365 x 3
420 x 3
470 x 6
> Had gas for 1 or 2 more. There goes my deadlift troubles. I'm sure it helps that I didn't squat beforehand but I've hit a PR on both lifts in the same session so that can't be a major factor. Some things today that helped, though:

> Not zoning out between sets. This is a death trap for the big lifts because form goes to shit and I misgroove like mad. Also, my mental laxing means the weight comes as a shock to me and I'm unprepared to manhandle it like I should. Stay focused and keep the death metal playing instead of the podcast between sets.

> Really getting low and keeping Daniel Gallagher's advice in mind to start with the quads and begin the hip hinge by the time the bar is passing my shins. Contrary to Dave Tate's advice, I find it really does help to think of it as squatting the weight up, at least to break off the floor.

> Staying on my heels and not going forward. Keeping the shoulders back.

In summation, pay the fuck attention!

By the way, a side-effect of my belt I didn't expect? Straining in the later reps doesn't leave my back hurting. I read a report from Dr. Stuart McGill that in order to use a belt to its max potential one must by biomechanical definition use bad form. Well, I'm in no authority to challenge that, but I do know it leaves me feeling better than I did sans the belt.

Romanian deadlifts (double overhand):
315 x 8, 8
> Just busting out some quick exercise before closing. Haven't done these in a long time and 315 is a lot lighter than it used to be. My grip was the obstacle from getting 10.

Ab wheel:
5, 5, 10 

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