Monday, November 5, 2012

Entry #1120

Supposed to lift yesterday but after a long day of work without enough sleep (7 hours, but I seriously need at least 9 to feel well-rested) and barely any time after getting home I took the night off. Watched Metalocalypse instead.

Swiss bar press:
150 x 5
170 x 3
190 x 5
> Still unsure how to gauge this. It was what I aimed to do and I felt great about it, but when taking everything into account it's hard to tell if I should accept this or change something. Will keep up the pause pressing and if I get anything less than 195 x 5 next cycle then I'll switch to direct tricep work with less shoulder involvement (I'm thinking about Pavel saying that two of the three tricep heads are only activated under very heavy loads and am concerned if the high volume on both bench AND press days is counterproductive for that). 

Swiss bar pause press + Fat Gripz:
110 x 5 x 10
> Pause at the bottom and the top. Good thing about this is it should replace the point of doing Turkish get-ups for my shoulder to some degree.

V-handle chin-ups:
11, 11, 11, 11, 10

Monster mini-band pressdowns:
12, 12

EZ bar curls:
105 x 8, 7, 6 

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