Sunday, August 19, 2012

Entry #1087

315 x 5
375 x 3
425 x 12
> Head wasn't in the game; hungry and a little perturbed from having lost my headphones. I was supposed to do 325 instead of 315 on the first set, and 5 reps instead of 3 on the second. Still, owned this. Couldn't believe how light the weight felt. I've found it really helps to start counting down backward (thanks, Poliquin).

Push-ups super-set with mini + monster mini band rows:
25, 13, 12, 10, 10         25, 20, 20, 16, 20
> Sticking with calisthenics for horizontal pressing and making OHP my main movement until I feel comfortable maxing out using my chest again.

Mini band expansion:

Back is hurting. 12th deadlift rep was a little bit of a grind, but that usually doesn't do anything. More sure, I need to not sit in a slouched position before I head to the gym. Basic stuff I was stupid about.

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