Thursday, June 28, 2012

Entry #1074

SSB squat:
250 x 5
325 x 5
380 x 3, 3

Dumbbell press:
Right arm: 3
Left arm: 0

Holy shit, I felt burned out. Definitely time to switch exercises on at least squats. One of my worst days this year. I did film the squats in anticipation of getting my usual 5 and my form is fantastic, at least. Back is upright, my knees don't go past my toes, and depth is well below parallel. The first two reps on each of the heavy sets were breezy and the third was just killer.

It's funny to think that I at least set a PR for bad days, haha. Last time I felt burned-out I grinded 360 x 3.

Finished up with some push-ups mixed with chin-ups.

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