Saturday, April 14, 2012

Entry #1044

Deadlifted 400 x 12 while sick. Nothing but chalk (for the first time), which I'm wishing I'd had long, long ago. Though my recovery between even just the warm-up sets was terrible just from feeling ill, I'm astonished at how easy the actual set itself was, and I could have kept going if I really wanted to start grinding reps out.

Afterwards I tried to military press 85 lb dumbbells and just had nothing left in me. Came home, ate and rested, then went to the park to do decline push-ups (4 sets) super-set with neutral-grip pull-ups (7 sets).

On Thursday I was sick as well and only felt capable of squatting 325 for 5. Gotta listen to the body sometimes.

Skipped boxing entirely this week.


  1. Bro do you think you'll ever consider using steroids once you've reached your natural limits? Like, years down the road when you've simply exhausted what you can do without the aid of AAS? Or will you just maintain.

  2. I have no interest in them, especially since I want to fight competitively. I've done the research and decided that they're not for me.

  3. I have the same stance bro.What in the research caused you to know they're not for you.

  4. Too much fighting to control aromatization. I'd rather just not get tits period than have them as a side-effect and have to take an anti-estrogen to stop it. Fuck that. Also, the underground market. It's easy to get scammed. I really enjoy the meticulousness of being natural. I don't just react to whatever I throw at myself, I really have to be concise if I want to keep progressing. Kinda like playing hard mode in a game.