Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Entry #1034

I managed to go to boxing today despite six hours of sleep and arms that felt like lead. Goddamn skullcrushers always give me ridiculous DOMS.

2 rounds of shadowboxing
2 rounds of double-end bag
5 rounds of heavy bag
3 rounds speed bag
2 rounds of double-end bag

2 minutes, 1 minute rests, except on the speed bag when I'd just take about a 20 second break everytime I screwed up

The sesson was...slower-paced. I didn't destroy myself. I picked my shots, and didn't use full-power on everything. Today was a focus on accuracy and quality over speed.

On the double-end I'm no longer just worrying about the bag moving around and establishing a rhythm. Now, any shot that isn't a solid connection I deem unacceptable and is cause to slow down and try that hit again.

Working on finding my distance on the heavy bag and extending fully. Kind of tricky with my shoulder, but it keeps getting better. 

There were a few kinks felt in it at the start. Really gotta stop skipping Turkish get-ups beforehand. They're freaking miraculous.

I'm beat. Lamb dinner, foam roller, and an epsom salt bath are gonna be nice tonight. Nice is for weaklings, though.

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  1. What exactly does epsom salt do?Does it burn if it gets in a cut?What about if it gets in your pee hole?