Thursday, March 15, 2012

Entry #1030

Felt no motivation to train today, but I did anyway. I'm having psychological trouble adjusting to such reduced training frequency now (I feel like my legs are going to wither away from squatting three times a week to one now). Moreover, I'm doing 5/3/1 three days a week so I'm alternating between squats and deads. The solution to that is to always have one variation of the other as accessory work. I'm not going to be my dumb teenage self. I got my ass in the gym and had a good time.

SSB squats:
242.5 x 5
282.5 x 5
317.5 x 11
> Whether I do 315 or 340, I always get 9-11 on high rep squats, haha.  

Romanian deadlifts:
315 x 10, 10, 8
> I always do these overhand, and never touch-and-go. 

Ab work + Captains of Crush trainer: 20, 15

Whew, my GPP kinda sucked, even after being light and doing boxing. Gonna work on that. 


  1. To improve squatting frequency on 5/3/1, you can train the 5x10 squats following deadlift, and the 5x10 deadlift follow squats.  It'll do some good work for form practice.  The way I am presently training, I actually do 5x10 squats on squat day and then box squats on deadlift day, so I'm really hammering squat frequency.  I find my deadlifts need minimal frequency to gain, and just one hardass balls to the wall set, whereas squats need constant reminders to grow.

  2. Agreed, 5/3/1 has fantastic potential to customize, but most people need to add in some higher rep training on the big lifts for form. It always comes down to me not improving on 5/3/1 because I'm just not squatting or pulling enough. Romanians or Olympic/Front squats, or just beasting out with 5x10 across, 50% (my favorite) is fun and effective. Gotta eat enough though or it kills you. My pulls AND squats need constant volume I find. Of course both of your guys maxes are over 100 pounds ahead of me, so that would make sense I guess.