Saturday, February 11, 2012

Entry #1018

Some boxing overview from this week:

I actually got some advice from one of the coaches (not the stoic dude who signed me up). I hit like a monster and know how to throw a punch but, as I've always known, due to a lack of formal teaching my footwork is wack. I was instructed to take a wider stance and to align my shoulders up with my feet more. I haven't been so clueless all this time so as to not employ decent weight disbursement but now I can actually do this more effectively. When facing the bag, opponent, animal, battle tank, etc. the opponent should be kept between my stance. I can think about it as targeting the enemy with my crotch, which would undoubtedly be spitting rapid-fire bullets in this allegory. 

I'm officially signed up as of yesterday. Sparring can happen now. I am ready.

SSB box squats:
375 x 3 x 5
> No end in sight. Can't wait until I'm repping 4 plates a side. 

Bench press:
280 x 3 x 5
> No touch-and-go here. Plenty of pauses. Last rep was a 2-second stop. 

Clean practice:
135 lbs, varying reps
> Actually trying to squat down with the weight now, which is just fucking my whole form up. Something to get used to. Power cleans are swell but if I want to take first in my next meet I've got to master the full clean. 

Decline heavy band push-ups:
15, 12, 10

Dumbbell rows:
100s x 3 x 10
> Did these between sets of push-ups. I went up to 20 reps with the 100s on Tuesday, but my body just seemed to feel the pull heavier today so I listened to what felt right. Form was excellent as a result, with the ROM going back toward my belly instead of simply up. I think it's this little alteration that makes it much more fatiguing.

SSB curls:
80 x 10, 8, 8

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