Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Entry #998

Kickass, was able to press bilaterally for the first time since the accident. No pain, lots of gain. Gonna miss my beastly dumbbell.

SSB squats:
335 x 3 x 5 

Floor press:
135, 185, 225, 275 x 5
300 x 4
> Shit felt dangerous. The lowest hole for the safety bars is far too high, so I have to go without any. I simply CANNOT fail, or I'm screwed. After reracking the 300 it felt scary putting my arms that far behind me; visions of my dislocation came back. The power rack is flimsy as hell so it shifts back with the barbell when I slam it in (that's what she said). Yikes. When I was done my adrenaline was surging from the split-second thought that I couldn't find the pins and the barbell was gonna fall behind my head. I either need to find some way to get a spotting system set up, maybe using those nifty rubber patio tiles Emevas has mentioned, or press with the bar lower down my body so I'm not so far away from the pins. Failing those I'll just board press.

Power cleans:
> Practice, didn't keep track of sets. 

High pulls:
> Practice, didn't keep track of sets. 

Dumbbell rows:
140 x 3 x 5

Hammer curls with Fat Gripz:
40s x 10, 8, 6 


  1. Nothing, haha. It's a dumb joke from The Office where someone says that after everything and thinks it's funny.

  2. @l3loodFist - That sounds like something I would do. That guy from The Office should join the Forever Alone Crew.

  3. Hey PPP I have a question brochip.I'm bulking for the first time (started fat, cut+lifted) and is there any specific cardio/conditioning you recommend while bulking to mitigate fat gain while bulking? I know there will be fat gained regardless, just trying to be as efficient as possible.

  4. Just whatever gets you moving and you find enjoyable. HIIT, sprinting, swimming, skipping rope, basketball, etc. And you shouldn't expect much fat gain, it's definitely preventable to a significant degree if you do it slow and steady (i.e. the opposite of how I did it).