Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Entry #1009

Trained miserably on Sunday. Anything lower-body felt like an absolute grind. Deadlifted 450 and it must have been the laziest rep in my entire life. I just somehow found myself with the weight up. Didn't even attempt the 5, I just dropped it and left. The week prior I ripped up 445 for 5 reps very handily. I'm way overtrained and it's time to deload.

SSB squats:
290 x 3 x 5

Bench press:
205 x 3 x 5

Machine lateral raise:
20 reps
> A nifty device for external rotator work.

Sternum chin-ups:
12, 8, 8
> Did in between bench press sets.

Power clean practice:
135 x 3, 2
> Stopped whenever my form got sloppy. On the last rep I actually missed my chest and the bar just rolled down my front. Warmed up with high pulls.

Incline skullcrushers super-set with dumbbell curls:
45s x 10 (skulls), 10 (curls)
> Took it easy because I didn't have my Fat Gripz, which I think would be healthier for the elbows doing any extension stuff.

I finished in 50 minutes. Post-workout I drank some white grape juice and ate a can of chili, an orange, some almonds, some olives, and a big glass of milk at the end before going to BJJ at 7.

We learned effective side-control defense as well review over the double-leg takedown. I really need to hammer it in to bring my front knee down, not rear. Getting out of side-control involves a strong bridge while the knifed hand goes across the opponent's neck, shrimping away, and crossing the leg over to net a butterfly guard. Sparring involved doing this repeatedly for two minutes before alternating positions. Very tiring, but I did well. Not as fun as free-rolling where I could go for all kinds of submissions, but it was probably more productive.

I don't know what I'm gonna do from here on out. It's $100 a month for two classes a week, or $130 for something like 5. This would be affordable if there wasn't a 12-month contract. Fuck. I REALLY like this place. Everyone is super friendly and I've learned more in the last two weeks than in my entire life. I like it better than AKA, even. I'm having trouble with jobs due to immigration paper problems and not having a work-eligible SS number. 

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  1. Eventually. I've considered just calling it quits and going back to Canada, though.