Friday, January 20, 2012

Entry #1008

Had a great time in BJJ on Wednesday. Honed my RNC technique by adding in elements like puffing my chest out, getting a more successful position by knifing my hand, and doing something as basic as suddenly pushing the opponent's head back with my other hand to snake my arm into position. The entire session was practice while having someone's back, so I also learned how to reverse this into the guy's guard my own back is taken. When it was time to roll I managed to secure an RNC within maybe 20 seconds that made him tapout and I came ever so close to locking in an armbar. The guy was clearly new, though, probably even moreso than me, and not nearly my size.

Missed my lifting day yesterday due to a complete lack of sleep that had me crashed until the evening, so I went back today.

SSB box squats:
370 x 3 x 5

2-board press:
305 x 3 x 5
> Nice, major improvement from last week. Felt like I had more reps in me. Not touch-and-go, either.

Dumbbell rows:
150 lb dumbbell x 3 x 5

Super minimalist. I'm feeling overtrained despite making progress on every lift. I'd first tried doing 350 lb full squats and stopped after 2 reps because it just felt like a total grind. Pressing felt fresh and strong, but that wasn't a full ROM, either. Probably going to deload next week, then come back to start full-range bench pressing, finally. 

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