Friday, January 13, 2012

Entry #1003

Boxing tonight. The regular coach was out so one of the experienced students was the sub. It really sucked. The first half was a basic tutorial of how to throw a 1-2, then follow up with a left hook, and then finally a right cross. The advanced guys were along for the ride, and we were basically treating this as a warm-up. After shadowboxing I got to hold the mitts for a girl who I got gave pointers to before switching. Didn't get anything really productive done because she held her hands out like a mummy with her face turned away, afraid of getting hit, but she was nice and I wanted to instill confidence in her, so I just made do. Finally, it was time for the experienced guys to spar. Only I couldn't because I didn't have a mouthguard. WTF. I guess I should have known so I'm not going to blame anyone but myself, but there was no mention to bring a guard in the email, and I figured the instructor would be cool enough to let me do my thing if I told him I wanted to. I'd understand if this was some wise grandmaster who had a meticulous formula of tutelage for me to follow, but he was just a student. Let me throw hands, man.

Ended up spending 30 minutes just standing around and watching. There was nothing for me to do. I could have shadowboxed, I guess, but I was hoping to jump in for a spar that never happened. No hard feelings, but just a bad class.

I was hanging around when BJJ started feeling like I just wanted to leave, but the coach saw me and invited me in. I ended up having a terrific time. Learned how to crank a kimura from my back. Again, though, I kept tapping even though I didn't need to. At one point I decided that I should make my partner actually work for the sub more so I didn't tap. He kept turning my arm but it simply didn't hurt. After 15 seconds he let go and said (he didn't speak fluent English) "You just let me keep going!" I tried to convey to him that I wasn't just being a stubborn dick and letting him break my arm or anything.

Unlike boxing I got to roll with 2 different people, both much smaller than me but more experienced. First guy secured an armbar on me in about 15 seconds. Resolving to be more aware, we rolled the full 2 minutes where I felt like I dominated most of the round, getting the mount several times and never letting him do the same. The second guy gave me his back and I came ever so close to claiming RNCs two or three times. Did two rounds with him. The instructor I liked a LOT. Much better than my boxing session.

Shoulder has been holding up just magnificently, though I'm not going to take my fortune for granted.

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