Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Entry #989

SSB box squats against monster minis:
240 lbs x 3 x 5
> Left knee was bothering me a little bit, so today I really went to extremes with band tension in terms of forcing me to lean back. Upon scrutiny, though, the monster bands seemed chaffed! Bits of the surface was peeling off and there were more stretch marks than a pregnant hillbilly at a chili cook-off. Wtf. This was my first time using them. 
I may be overdoing it. This is supposed to be my back-off day, but the bands made it feel almost as heavy as when I squat max effort. I should find a way to elevate the dumbbells that they're anchored to a tad, or maybe just use weaker and more elastic bands. 

Savickas press:
45 lbs x 2 x 10

Standing one-armed overhead dumbbell press:
Right arm - 85 lbs x 3 x 5
Javelin press:
Left arm - 45 lbs x 10, 8, 7
> My overhead pressing is getting frightening. This was easier than it should have been. 

Good mornings against minis:
150 x 3 x 5

45 lbs x 3 x 5
> Very happy I can pull with weight again. This felt incredibly easy, too, probably from all the bodyweight pull-ups I've been doing.

Dumbbell curls with Fat Gripz:
45s x 2 x 5 

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  1. Only if you call him "Rex" and let him do ATG squats over your face.