Thursday, November 17, 2011

Entry #973

Canceled my gym membership at 24 Hour. I'm going to a rundown athletic center instead. It kicks so much ass. It's almost always empty, and the owner is letting me bring in my own equipment so I can stock it up with whatever I want. Definitely the next best thing to having my own gym, which this practically is anyways.

Squatted 375 x 2 last time. Felt really out of practice. Gonna start doing more assist work for quads.


  1. What kind of assistance work are you going to do for your quads? Perhaps the running orgasm? More likely just front squats right?

  2. For quads I do front squats, barbell step-ups, lunges, and even leg pressing once in a while.For deadlifts I do PC stuff, not quads. Romanian deadlifts, GHRs, Dimel deadlifts, and good mornings, mostly.

  3. PC stands for Posterior Chain, right? At first I thought you were referring to the Pubococcygeus muscle, which you can do Kegels for.