Thursday, October 27, 2011

Entry #966

280 x 5 (forgot that I was only supposed to do 3)
320 x 4
360 x 5
> Smoothest and easiest set of squats I've done in quite a while. After months of changing forms and trying to find a sweet spot to accommodate my shoulder I've finally found my groove. I'm doing low bar squats now, too. All sets were ATG, since I'm descending quickly and taking advantage of the stretch-reflex to bounce out of the hole.

145 x 5, 6, 6, 6

Leg press:
5 plates x 10
> Just getting some easy extra volume in since I've been skimping on the accessory work for squat day lately. Wanna know what's sad? I can let the machine come all the way down on me and it's still not enough to equal the range of my squat depth.

RKC planks:
60 secs, 15, 9 

Using PWO shakes less and less, pretty much only on upper-body days. After this I simply had dinner.

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