Friday, October 21, 2011

Entry #962

Yesterday, benched 365 x 8. Came so close to getting a 9th but couldn't lock my right arm completely out. Lesser men would have counted it. Chest and shoulders were and still are majorly sore from weighted dips, which affected performance.

Did Kroc rows with a 125 lb dumbbell for 15 reps, 4 sets. Should definitely get straps. I'm all for training my grip but the dumbbell just starts to tilt to one side and gets anchored to my hand by the bell so grip is out of the equation anyways. Also might be good to get wrist wraps when supporting myself on the bench. Dollar Tree has $1 ones.


260 x 5
300 x 5
340 x 6
> Didn't push to max reps because my right knee was bugging me. It's crazy. When I went under the bar to unrack it my knee hurt, but squatting all the way down resulted in no pain at all. Just goes to show what good form can do for you. Not 100% sure what's up with the knee but it might be from when the chain on the belt I was using for dips swung smack into it and left a huge bump. I thought it was just superficial damage, but maybe not. Guess I'll chalk it up to that for now, but it wouldn't hurt to look into doing my HIIT sessions on grass instead of roads from now on. 

No quad work because of knee.

Standing cable crunches:
130 x 10, 5 sets

Round Table pizza post-workout.

Have a $5 gift certificate for anything in the gym store. Asked the guy how much a 5 lb case of ON whey is and he goes "$86? $87, $87." Who the fuck would be dumb enough to buy that? Jesus.


  1. Why do you eat pizza? Are you dirty bulking again, or was it a healthy pizza?

  2. Cool, I cheat sometimes too. I eat mexican stuff though.

  3. Was that a 265x8 on bench, or is your bench really over your squat these days?