Saturday, October 8, 2011

Entry #957

Trained at Crunch yesterday. Fuck them. I did squats in the MaxRack (using a freeweight barbell, of course) for up to 365 x 3. Unracking the bar is so precarious in this retarded machine; I have to practically do a lunge to get the bar in and out. I feel pretty proud of myself for being the only person in the short history of this gym to manage freeweight squats.

Next, I wanted to do high step-ups. Derp, no can do, because the only way to get a barbell on my shoulder is the MaxRack, and its frame is too short to stand up on anything. This means I can't overhead press anywhere, either. I settle for Wendler's I'm Not Doing Shit method and leave after squats. 

Today was good, though. Did about 8 minutes of HIIT in the morning, and then went gym-hunting. My first choice is an actual powerlifting gym called Sledge, but they have to "accept" you after you shoot them an email. I'm still waiting for them to return mine and set up an interview.

I went to a community center, which had the crappiest gym ever (forget racks, they didn't even have benches), and Portland Athletic Club, which kicked ass. About two minutes from the apartment and there was literally nobody else there. As hole in the wall as you can get. As such everything was retro, old and shabby, but that's the way I like it. Plus since it's so secluded and it being a private facility I can probably stash my own equipment there.

Our lease is up in November, though, so my God-tier option is to get an apartment with a parking garage and build my own gym.

In the meantime I'm signing up for another month at 24 Hour using cash. Shoot me.

After all that I went to the gym for a second round of cardio, with high depth jumps, TGUs (2 sets of 3, both arms), and jump-roping.


  1. American gyms are becoming more pussified every day. Let's do our best to turn this trend around comrade! Squat till death!