Saturday, October 1, 2011

Entry #954

270 x 5
310 x 5
350 x 5
> Fibula pain is completely gone. Gonna start doing more cardio this week and doing Turkish get-ups again, this time never without a padded surface for my knee. Really wish I could do low bar squats, but my shoulder has come so far in so little time that that's just me being greedy. Stability before flexibility, like McGill says.

High step-ups:
65 x 6
85 x 3
105 x 3

Weighted crunches 

I'm doing depth jumps as a warm-up and I feel like it's translating fantastically to squat performance. Currently I'm going up to 9 plates stacked on top of a waist-high platform. Assuming the stool is 28 inches and each plate is 1.29 thick, I've estimated it to be about 40 inches, more or less.

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